a-Keynote Speeches:
Given by renowned international and national specialists.

b- Specialist Rountables:
Each Roundtable will have a specific topic of reflection and will be directed by international and national specialists.

c-Paper Commissions:
Participants will be able to present papers related to any of the conference’s topic areas. Each presentation will last 20 minutes: 15 minutes dedicated to the presentation itself and 5 minutes for follow-up questions and answers.

d-Student Commissions:
Special commissions will be held for advanced students. These students will be allowed to participate as presenters under the supervision and responsibility of a university professor or researcher (who ideally will also be presenting at the conference). The advanced student’s name must be included in the abstract.

Main Speakers

Mons Cesare Pasini

Mons. Cesare Pasini

Prefecto Biblioteca Apostólica del Vaticano
Dr Angelo Di Berardino

Dr. Angelo Di Berardino

Institutum Patristicum Augustiniamum-Roma-Italia
Dr Marco Rizzi

Dr. Marco Rizzi

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano-Italia-Secretario de la Asociación Internacional de Estudios Patrísticos (Italia)
Dr Lorenzo Perrone

Dr. Lorenzo Perrone

Universidad de Bologna-Italia
Dr Theo De Bruyn

Dr. Theo De Bruyn

Department of Classics and Religious Studies University of Ottawa-Presidente de la Asociación Internacional de Estudios Patrísticos
Dr David Brakke

Dr. David Brakke

Ohio State University – EEUU – Editor del Journal of Early Christian Studies
Dr Francisco Garcia Bazan

Dr. Francisco García Bazán

Investigador Superior CONICET – Argentina
Dr Oscar Velasquez

Dr. Oscar Velásquez

ExVicepresidente de AIEP – Chile
Dr Lautaro Lanzillota

Dr. Lautaro Roig Lanzillota

University of Groningen – Holanda – Founding Joint Editor