Preparatory Activity

Cod314Inizio page 002The Catholic University of Cuyo has the honor of informing you about the upcoming Second International Conference on Patristic Studies "The Discoveries of Manuscripts from Late Antiquity: Their Impact on Patristic Studies and the Contemporary World” and about the First Meeting on Patristic Studies in Ibero-America: “Research Projects, Translations and Critical Editions.” These events will take place in the city of San Juan (Argentina) from March 28th to March 31st 2017.

Attached you will find the first conference notice with general information along with a schedule listing the main activities to be carried out.

pdf icon  Conference notice


pdf icon Program



We look forward to your participation and send our warmest greetings.

Executive Committee

Dr. Patricia Ciner – Prof. Susana Villalonga – Father Pedro Fernández